I had the pleasure of working at Virtru as a UI Engineer from August 2017 to March 2019. Throughout my time at Virtru, I accomplished several significant achievements that demonstrated my dedication and proficiency in my role.

One of my key contributions was working closely with project managers, stakeholders, and designers to bring new features to existing products. By collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams, I ensured the successful implementation of these features, meeting both the clients' and users' needs. My ability to understand and translate requirements into actionable tasks allowed me to deliver results that exceeded expectations.

Recognizing the importance of design consistency and bug reduction, I took the initiative to design and develop new Front End standards using Storybook. This framework allowed for easy collaboration and provided a centralized location for documenting and showcasing UI components across teams. As a result, we achieved increased design consistency and significantly reduced the number of bugs, resulting in a smoother user experience.

To streamline the UX team's workflow and optimize the Front End pipeline, I designed and maintained S3 deployment tools and preprocessors. These tools enabled the team to work more efficiently, improving productivity and reducing development time. By taking ownership of these essential tools, I contributed to a more efficient and effective development process.

Furthermore, I played a vital role in designing, developing, and integrating new UI components in React. These components were seamlessly embedded into existing applications, enhancing the overall user interface and experience. By leveraging my expertise in React, I delivered high-quality, visually appealing UI components that contributed to the success of the company's products.

Throughout my tenure at Virtru, I demonstrated a strong commitment to achieving excellence in my role. I approached each project with enthusiasm and a determination to deliver exceptional results. My ability to collaborate effectively with stakeholders and translate their requirements into tangible outcomes allowed me to exceed expectations consistently.

In addition to my technical achievements, I also fostered positive working relationships with colleagues and maintained a professional and friendly demeanor. I valued open communication and teamwork, which contributed to a positive and productive work environment.

I am proud of the accomplishments I achieved during my time at Virtru. I firmly believe that my dedication, technical expertise, and ability to collaborate effectively were instrumental in driving the success of the projects I worked on.